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Welcome to Worthful Products, Software & Music

Worthful is in pursuit of the best products, software and music that ranges from video production soundscapes to classic rock 'n' roll music.  We specialize in finding the best deals on the best products, including alerting our membership to free products, free software and free music as it becomes available (often in time-limited introductory offers) on the web.

Because I am a designer, I run across a lot of great technology products, wonderful software, create and use lots of awesome fonts and graphics, design and illustrate stuff myself, share my music and sell professional quality fonts, graphics bundles, and even have my own Tees, wear & gear shop.  

Some of the stuff I buy or the freeware I use I like so much I just have to share it.  Plus, I really do run across some of the best deals out there.  I used to post everything to a Fonts group on Facebook or Google+, but with all the security issues and the betrayal of US American voting freedoms, I have left.  Hence, this blog site.

I am still setting it up, please be patient.  Thanks!

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