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About Worthful Products, Software & Music

Worthful was established to log and document the best deals on the best products, software and music (music that ranges from video production soundscapes to classic and/or progressive rock 'n' roll music).  We specialize in finding the best deals on the best products, including alerting our membership to free products, free software and free music as it becomes available (often in time-limited introductory offers) on the web.

This site acts as my own living bookmarks index, as well as a cataloged directory for other brand marketers, designers, artists, video producers, and etc... intended to help myself and my peers accomplish creativity in new and often exciting ways.

About Me...

Hi.  I am Doug Peters.  A brand fanatic, an artist, a designer, and possibly the best ethical marketer on the planet.

My career is consulting the entrepreneur, small business and corporate partner on intellectual properties, including educating them on how to positively affect and protect their reputation through means other than simply advertising or marketing.

Suffice it to say that the brand is not the logo I design for them, nor even the website I develop for them, and absolutely not the marketing campaign I create to promote their business through multiple medias, no, the brand is the company's reputation (how it is branded) by the community it serves.

Because of this career I make connections few others will ever see with important allies while I research hardware & software technologies, coding techniques, best practices and positive impact business sense, as well as through my design and development experiences.

In those endeavors, I find a lot of useful things, while enjoying music to enhance my creativity and boost my positivity.

With all the products, including electronics hardware and software that allows us to lead more productive lives, magnify our creativity and center our souls, I started Worthful to share my experiences and knowledge as I stumble across, or research and find these products, software (many that will enhance design, development and/or productivity) and music. 

I do use offer my own freeware and commercial software offerings and stock art when appropriate, and I do use reseller and affiliate sales inks in order to assist in recovering the cost of this endeavor. And you will find my Worthful.net web hosting server services among the best offers and professional Linux Apache cloud hosting and server platforms available anywhere, worldwide (anchored by secure high speed data centers available on every continent), with 24/7 support (telephone or online support tickets). 

But of course, all of the stuff I find is usually awesome for one reason or another, after all.  That is why it is Worthful.

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