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FAQ (Frequently Answered Questions)

Q: Are these your products, software or music?
A: Not usually, most are recommendations for products I have used, or possibly impressions of products & software that am interested in.  I do plan on featuring some of my own fonts, graphics and perhaps even some of my own music products, some of it will be commercial products, but most of which will be freeware.


Q: Are you an affiliate for these products, software, music and/or other recommended services?
A: Usually the links are either reseller, or affiliate links, but not always.  Since this is a free website, but costs money to maintain, I do promote some of my own stuff as well as review and recommend (or not) products and software I use (or am keen on).  As a reseller I have the opportunity to support my customers personally.  But sometimes I am simply recommending something, such as a font that really doesn't require a lot of support anyway, and in fact a great deal of my own stuff is freeware (fonts & graphics) that doesn't require a lot of support, either (although I am always happy to hear what characters/glyphs a person might require in any particular font I designed).


Q: Why don't you support your own freeware products?
A: When a product such as a font, cartoon, graphic image, icons, or stock photo is offered for free, I don't have the opportunity to afford the time required to address everyone's issues.  In time, I will be installing a forum system where individual issues can be addressed publicly and the hhole of the Worthful community can pitch in with answers.  Frequently Asked Questions will wind up in this Frequently Answered Questions area, once resolved successfully.  



Q: I paid for a software product or bundle that I purchased through the Worthful website using PayPal and have not yet received the software product or bundle. A: Please allow a reasonable amount of time for the digital good(s) to be processed. Please note that for now, the system requires intervention from a human in order to send out your good, though we do have an automated system in the works.  If the digital goods still haven't arrived in the email box you used for the purchase within a reasonable amount of time, please use the online contact form to identify and detail the issue you are experiencing to us.  

Q: I paid for web hosting at and do not have any confirmation of my order. 

A: is a separate service, with it's own shopping cart and payment processing system.  This system takes a great deal of interest in avoiding fraudulent payments, because of its high profile in the industry.  Therefore, usually a phone call or email is made in attempts to verify the person ordering the hosting or web server account.  Once the person's account contact info is verified there are usually not any other issues.  If you need support before you can even access your web hosting/server account, please call +1-855-211-0932 in the US, +44-20-3695-1294 in the UK, or +61-2-8417-2372 in AU and tell them you are trying to process your order for web hosting with host provider ID #272581. 


If these answers did not cover your question, contact us using our online contact form to address your issue in detail, or by calling us at... 
+1 (605) 550-0102.


We are located in Sioux Falls, SD, USA, and happy to setup a personal appointment with you to discuss how we can be of service to you.

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