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Worthful recommended software applications for better creativity and creative flow, more efficeint productivity in the workplace, application tools that allow better functionality among mundane tasks and utilities that enhance the computer or device user experience.

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Mobirise DIY Website Builder

Mobirise Website Builder

Free Do-It-Yourself 'mobile-first' website design tool

Mobirise is an easy-to-use website builder that can be used to create a great optimized website & is even used as prototyping system for web design & development pros.
Drag content blocks into the web page and then modify the content (images, video or text).
Mobirise is free, you only pay for the extra features and blocks, but works well without them.
Windows, Mac & Android

Adobe Dreamweaver Site Management (CS3 Shown)


Professional web design software

Adobe Dreamweaver is an awesome professional web design, code and script editor. 
Dreamweaver allows you to work in code and easily check your work using the WYSIWYG editor, or simply preview in your specified web browser.
The easy styling functionality of design view makes fine tuning a snap.
But the real power behind Dreamweaver is its ability to manage a large, complete website.
Windows & Mac | Trial Vs.

Adobe Photoshop (CS3 shown)


Professional photo processing & graphic art creation

Adobe Photoshop is an incredible professional photo processor, bulk image manipulator, color correction & enhancement tool, and graphics creation tool. 
Sure, there are others, but nothing as well equipped as this powerhouse which even offers some decent vector graphics creation capabilities.
The version shown above is my CS3, but you will want to sign-up for the Creative Cloud version which offers even more.
Windows & Mac (iPad soon!) Trial Vs.

Shotcut v. 18.01.02


Free Multiplatform Video Editor

Shotcut is a simple, straight forward, easy-to-use video editor that is free, open source and available on a wide range of platforms.
This makes it an exceptional software tool for my toolbox since I am producing review, DIY and how-to videos for a wide variety of platforms as a tech.  Certainly, I want to be on point in the enviroment a software product requires for a full review and I don't want to be copying and moving video files between sources.
Shotcut is also a great place to start and learn video editing, with plenty of help videos available online. 
Windows, Mac & Linux

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