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Terms & Conditions of Use

Worthful is a free website and really doesn't generate enough revenue to sustain itself.  I, as the owner, Doug Peters, use this website to showcase my own design works as well as those of my fellow designers and web professional peers.  In essence, this is a courtesy website to allow for sharing by using the honor system, and its continued service requires that we (you and I) agree to be civil with each other and practise common sense so that we can do business together (me as the content/information/entertainment provider, you as the reader/viewer/consumer).

In order to conduct business using best practices, we have to agree to abide by this document as a binding contract between us.  Use of this website requires that you adhere to the terms and conditions of use for accessing and using this website, whether you have actually read this document or not.

In order to have a successful relationship, I think it is important to do business in good faith with each other.  In order to accomplish that goal, we need to understand each other.


I promise that I do not collect any information from or about you that is not required.  Unless we actually interact with each other, I will not have any personally identifying information about you at all other than statistical data.  The statical data we collect and use is identified in the Worthful.com website Privacy Policy Statement.  That Privacy Policy Statement acts as an amendment that supplements this Terms and Conditions of Use contract, so by all means, read it to understand what data we collect, how we use it and how we protect it.  

Other ways a person or business entity such as yourself might interact with us is by signing up as a member of the website (either as a person or as a business identity, according to how they want any software license authorized or invoices to read), signing up for a newsletter, purchasing a product directly from this website (Worthful.com), or joining in on the forums or other online web applications which might be installed to enhance a user's experience and make the website more effective for its users.

Software Products

We do carry some of our own products.  As is customary, we reserve the right to change our product specifications or pricing at any time, or to cancel any offer altogether.  Some products, such as a commercial font, may be offered for free for a limited time in order to generate traffic to the website, and/or to create buzz for the product in question.  It may not ever be offered free again, or we may offer a version of the font with a smaller character set for free as a demo of the style of the fully licensed version of the font with the full character set.

Our own products are digital software and data that exist electronically as code.  When one of our products is 'sold', it is the right to the license to use the software code that is purchased by the buyer, not the actual code itself.  In an extreme case, such as a breach of contract by maliciously attacking our website, we may rescind a licensee's right to run or use our software under any circumstances.  We reserve the right to rescind anyone's license at our sole discression, though we would not do so light heartedly.  I understand what it means to be an entrepreneur, a small business, and my attempts are focused on nuturing and growing both enterprise and opportunities.

Software Licenses 

Because I try to encourage the continued robust design and development of freeware, I often design using different licenses. Some are 'freeware' licenses, some are 'commercial' licenses.  

Some, I have maticulously created in order to have the type of exclusivity in a use license that I required, such as to allow free downloads and use, but that the software should never be redistributed or shared beyond the hyperlink where any other person can download the software from my website. 

Other fonts I have created specifically for sale.  These obviously use a different license, specific to each font, protecting both the end user and the authoring designer or studio and allowing specific rights to both, but protecting the font from unauthorized use so that the designer or studio can continue to sell it because the time invested in creating it is so intense that of the investment and expense of its creation is so great that recovering from that will require many sales, so a commercial license specifically prevents sharing or redistribution of a commercial font. 

However, there are many other kinds of licenses. Even free fonts have different kinds of licenses.  Paid fonts can be considered commercial fonts, but there are different methods of collecting trhat payment.  Shareware fonts allow you to use the font for a length of time to try it out, but you are supposed to delete it if you don't contribute to the artist after that "try before you buy" time frame.

There are even differences between licenses by how a font is used.  Even free/freeware fonts & typefaces used in the desktop environment may require a separate web font license when used as a font online, such as to style textual content on a website or blog. 

My web fonts are usually using Summer Institute of Linguistics' OpenFont License (aka SIL OFL or just OFL), because that is the license that Google Fonts requires.  However, before that license was known and available to me, I was distributing my web fonts with Creative Commons Attribution Required Share-Alike Licenses.  Also a freeware license, but this one requires that the end user give me credit (either in a credits section, or in a social media post) for my font for each instance they use it in website, app, ebook or other public projects.  

Not only do I use different licenses for fonts because of my project & distribution concerns, as their appropriateness in each instance, there are different licenses for different uses.  For instance, my Xwept fonts are also licensed under a Creative Commons license, but it is a different license (a Creative Commons Public Dedication, aka 'CC0') that allows the end user to use them whenever and wherever without limitation.  

So not only are there different licenses from different institutions, but different licenses within the licensing organization(s).  A few of my fonts have a very special exclusivity license that I maticulously fabricated in order to come up with one that fit my needs.

What's more is that there are also different types of use licenses.  For instance, a font may havewhat is known as a 'desktop license' that specifically adderesses use in a word processor, publishing program, powerpoint presentation or graphics program.  This will even allow the font to be used in art, even logos.  But that same font might specifically require a web font license for use on a website.  It may even require a digital ad license to use it in online digital advertising, or even yet an ebook license when used in an ebook.  

The point I am trying to make here is that because I feature not only my own fonts with different licenses, but other artist & studio fonts from a variety of resources, please always pay attention to the font license.  

Each font distributed will have a license.  Most fonts that come in compressed archives will have a text, word, wordpad/write, HTML, or PDF file included that will describe the license and indicate how you are authorized to use the font or typeface (font family) in question.  Sometimes the license file is named after that particular font, or might simply be named something to the effect of "License", "SIL OFL",  "Read Me", or "Read First" (with various capitalization combinations).  And often the text of that file will include a hyperlink connecting the reader to that specific license online.

However, when Worthful sends vistors to other websites to download recomended fonts, especially free fonts, we cannot take responsibility for their download.  We simply give the best information we have, and some of these sites distribute the font without any documentation other than what is on their website.  

Also note that some fonts that are distributed as free or freeware fonts & typefaces are just demonstration versions of a more complete commercial font you would have to purchase, or donate to the author, for the complete version.

Nevertheless, licenses are an important tool to every artist and studio because it protects our work, including the digital code required to make the visual text styling happen.  

Licenses do not just apply to digital font distributions, but to sofware products, as well, whether artistic (such as a cartoon, graphic, wallpaper background, graphic image or clipart) or application (such as a text editor, word processor, web page creator, webmaster tool, Android or iOS app, or graphics program or plugin).  

Please always check and adhere to the license of anything you download.  

License Revocation

Because of our investment in our work, it is important that we be able to capitalize on the time and expense required to bring a project to fruition.  It is for this very reason that we as typography artists, designers & studios do not sell our works outright, but only the right to use it under specific conditions, as detailed in each end user's license.  That license acts as a terms of use contract between the seller and buyer.  

In extreme cases, where the end user violates the terms and conditions of use detailed in the digital font software license, that person is breaching our contract with each other.  As in any breach of contract.  When this happens the authority in charge of the license, whether artist, designer, studio, foundry or intellectual property manager has no choice but to protect their product integrity by rescinding and revoking the software product license in question.  

Furthermore, in such extreme cases of license or Copyright infingement, if the party in question persists in destroying the integrity of the work and/or its worthfulness as a valuable and/or sellable product, or simply persists in violating the terms of the license in spite, or as a matter of harrassment, then legal actions may be required and may well be pursued by the authority responsible for protecting the work.

External Resources

As mentioned earlier, not all products we catalog on our site are ours.  It would be hypocritical of me to lie and tell you that only I have the best stuff, as an artist, as a designer, as a businessman.  Styles are not just a matter of opinion, but are subjective to application and appropriateness.  One size does not fit all.

This website offers indexes to many valuable resources through the use of direct, reseller and affiliate links that are hyperlinks to other content and product websites.  We specifically look for reliable, honorable websites, with good products and dependable information.  However, as we have no authority over our product and information providers, we cannot be responsible for your experience on an external website (any address that does not start with https://worthful.com).

Although it is highly unlikely that you might encounter such a circumstance as one of our trusted recommended referal websites being hacked, stolen or otherwise purchased and maliciously used for abusing visitors, we cannot deny such a possibilty may exist in the future, especially with the lax security measures that large corporate names such as Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Equifax, even the US government and others have demonstrated in this information wafare age when information and data really do translate to power.  We can only do what we can to protect your info and data here, and to protect our own online properties, intelligence, information and data.

Also note that we do not have control over external resources, and although we have tested each download ourselves, we do recomend that you have an active virus and malware scanning program that will protect your system to avoid any instance of receiving hacked files.  Even in the case that you are downloading material from us, on our website, the responsibility of protecting your system ultimately lies with you, we cannot be responsible for another's criminal acts.

Interacting with Us

Nevertheless, when a visitor, user or member of this website interacts with us through our online contact form, by postal mail, or via the phone system, we make every attempt to protect that information in our pursuit of a business relationship with that person, and we never sell, rent, share, give away or otherwise jeopardize your personal information.  We keep it secured only within our own network.  We keep it only so that we can interact with you.

Upon signing up as a member to participate in any of our advanced interactive website features such as posting discussion replies and sharing ideas in our forums, the forum rules will apply.  When signing up as a member, users cannot be guaranteed specific usernames or Trademarks, as these are given on a first-come first-served basis.

Also have the common sense to understand that posts are public and reflect on your persona within the board.  Although anonimity can be maintained on the board, you may be promoting yourself or your business through your own posts, signatures, website link, or bio.  The act of revealing your personal info in our public forum becomes your security concern, and not ours.  However, you may edit or delete any posts you have made within a reasonable time, should you have confounded yourself in any way. 

This site does make use of cookies.  These are usually small data packets of code written to your computer web browser cache that are employed by web applications in order to enhance your enjoyment of this website.  Examples of cookies include code from Google Analytics which identifies statistical data that we may employ in order to enhance the experience of a user using a certain brand of browser if we feel it has been under supported.  Cookies are explained in more detail in the Privacy Policy Statement.

Your Responsility as our Visitor

Just as you visit others and become an honored guest in their house, we are honored to have you stop in on our website and visit us, as well.

While we take precautions and guard any of your data that you entrust with us, in order to make this a safe and honorable reciprocal and symbiotic relationship, we also need you to respect this website and the work we put into it.  In other words, please respect our property. 

For brevity, the term 'website' not only refers to these web pages, documents and images that exist within the Worthful.com realm, but also the online application software, including any SMS (Content Management System), coding framework, blog or forum, as they appear and become integrated with the online persona of Worthful.

  • Do not hack this website.
  • Do not upload code to this website.
  • Do not install software on this website.
  • Do not overwhelm this website with electronic requests.
  • Do not make any database calls to this website, it's domain or any URI on this website.  Do not even attempt to reach or connect with our database.

I will tell you that I attempt to take precautions against such cyber attacks and outright criminal acts.  I try to use the very best resources and take full advantage of them.  This website represents an attempt to operate a secure site using the https:// (hypertext transfer protocol security) to enhance our visitor's security by encrypting data so that even text transactions cannot be interpretted by a third party. We have also tested our own server platform as well as our code to ensure security.  That said, we cannot promise this site will never be hacked.  If people want to act criminal, they will.  However, your data will remain safe.  We may have to restart the website, but no one can recover your encrypted passwords.

In the interest of security, we do recommend that you use a unique password for every site or system you log into, though.  This is a necessary precaution in this online digital age.  

Any violation of this Terms and Conditions of Use agreement, or the appended Privacy Policy Statement is considered a breach of contract and your access to any (and possibly all) of our services is then terminated with complete prejudice by your act and failure of good faith business.  Furthermore, we may investigate and pursue any other possible legal action in order to seek justice, to discourage such ciminality, to help enforce local, state, federal & international laws and/or to recover any losses for; damages, investments and even any required legal fees.

Thank you for understanding and cooperation in this website endeavor, we understand that people are largely good and civil, otherwise humanity would be a resounding failure.  We hope to improve your experience here as time, opportunity and funding allow.

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