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Header Video Backgrounds

Header video backgrounds are usually short videos that are intended to loop so that they add a little life to an otherwise static web page. This may require a heavy buffer.


Worthful Video Backgrounds

Because good, Worthul video backdrops are large files, these are hosted and sold at Glymt. This page acts as an index to those files that I have shot and put online for sale there, and offers just a few CC0 (Creative Commons Public Dedication) and YouTube licensed freeware videos that you can use freely for personal or commercial use, as well.

A deer in the shadow of the trees in the woods. This simple 3 second video is intended as a looping video backdrop for the header your website or blog. I would use a white or very light colored text over it, myself. The doe's ear flinches and she bats her eyes, otherwise there isn't a lot of movement, making it a good looping video backdrop. This video is available for imbedding for free at YouTube:

YouTube Background Video Backdrops

By Doug Peters. Attribution is appreciated for use...

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